Thanks for the new 46″ Sony HDTV with Google TV!

Quick thank you video to Google/YouTube for sending me a new 46″ Sony HDTV powered by Google TV

Whoops, that’s not my TV

One day, as I was anxiously awaiting the delivery of my Sony HDTV powered by Google TV, I saw a tractor trailer delivery truck pull up and knew that it was magic time! Or was it?

After helping the delivery guy haul a TV into my house, I noticed something was up. Closer inspection of the TV box revealed that they had mistakenly delivered me a Sony 60″ HDTV, and a model that didn’t even have Google TV integration!

I proceeded to tell the delivery guy that I thought there was a mixup and this was not my TV. The box even had the name and address of some other dude on it, in a whole nuther state! But alas, my warnings were futile, as the delivery man didn’t care whatsoever! I believe he even said “Enjoy your bigger TV!” and off he went.

I knew better, so I kept the wrongly-delivered-sixty-incher safely wrapped in its original packaging, awaiting a frantic call from the delivery people or Sony, once someone figured out that there was something amiss. And after all, this was a FREE TV, so I figured I’d play nice with the shipping company & Sony, even though there had certainly been a massive screwup.

Corrective action

As expected, a few days later I got a frantic call from “dispatch” at the delivery company, with a lady “informing” me that they had delivered the wrong TV to my house. I cooperated and let them know that the TV was still in the original packaging and ready for pickup.

The next day, the delivery guy was back and I helped him carry the unopened 60″ behemoth back into his truck (as an aside, how can an HDTV delivery company get away with only using one delivery person? What if he was delivering to an elderly person or another individual who couldn’t help with carrying a TV?).

A week later, the correct TV showed up and I’ve been enjoying Google TV ever since!

How I won a Google TV

The story of the contest and winning the prize is a pretty interesting one, so if you haven’t read it yet, check out my post on it here.

Talking Tom Cat app hits Android

The iPhone has long had a bunch of cool 3D animated cartoon character apps that you could speak to, and then the character will speak back (repeating your words) in their own voice.

Now Android has some too. I recently tested out the Talking Tom Cat app from Outfit7 (available for free on the Android Market) and made a couple of videos for my wife Tera and my mom-in-law Kim. Check em out below.

Talking Tom Cat does impressions for Tera

Talking Tom Cat wishes Kim a Happy Birthday!

Unfortunately, the options to “Share to YouTube” and “Share to Facebook” were broken when I tested it on my Motorola Droid running Android 2.2. Thankfully, the “Share via email” still worked, so I emailed them to myself and then manually uploaded the videos to YouTube. I’ve reported the issues to the Devs and hopefully they’ll be able to fix them soon.

Do you know of another cartoon character app for Android that you like better? If so, let me know what it is!

Gowalla for Android

I enjoy testing out and learning to use new software, new apps and new tools. Because of this, I often find myself getting in on beta tests.

What is a beta test? A beta is typically a private or semi-private testing phase of a software product, before it is officially released or widely announced to the public.

Gowalla beta for Android now available

Today, I learned that the Gowalla GPS/location-based game/app has released a beta version for Android, which I have been anxiously awaiting for months.


To get access to the beta version, visit the following address directly your Android phone:

Or you can scan the bar-code:

Note 1) In order to install this app, you may have to turn on the option “Allow install of non-Market applications”. To do this, go to your home screen Menu -> Settings -> Applications, then check the “Unknown sources” checkbox (Android 2.0 instructions). I recommend turning this option off once you are done.

Note 2) If you have trouble downloading the APK file, you may need to install a file manager, such as Astro or Linda, which can both be found on the Market.

Foursquare vs Gowalla

Until now, Foursquare has been my primary GPS app of choice, mainly because they’ve had a native Android app available for quite some time. I’ve also tinkered around with Google Buzz and the Gowalla mobile website.

I’m looking forward to testing out Gowalla and comparing it to Foursquare.

To learn more about the beta or read about the latest update, visit this Gowalla Android support thread on GetSatisfaction.

If you’ve used both apps, which one do you like best and why? If you use an alternative, what do you use and why?