Happy Easter 2014!


Happy Easter! This year, we held a backyard Easter egg hunt for the boys mid-week and then on the weekend, we attended the “6th Annual Vegan Easter (no) Egg Hunt and vegan potluck!” organized by veganfamilies.org and sponsored by Cakewalk Baking Company. Huge thanks to Kelly Green, Cakewalk and all volunteers for putting on this amazing event!





We captured a few videos of the festivities, which you can checkout below.

Backyard Easter egg hunt

6th Annual Vegan Easter (no) Egg Hunt

Water guns!

We also gave the boys a few squirt guns, and they had a great time running around the yard, shooting each other, squirting us and squealing with joy.






On Easter Sunday, Papa, Nana and cousin Brayden came over and we all had a good time running around outside, playing, shooting water guns and bouncing on the trampoline.

AZ state tax credits

Arizona residents! As the end of year quickly approaches, I would like to bring your attention to 2 state tax credit programs that I highly recommend that you take advantage of.

1) Working Poor tax credit. Get a 100% tax credit for all money donated to a qualifying AZ charitable organization, up to $200 for individuals and $400 for married couples.

2) School tax credit. Get a 100% tax credit for all money donated to an AZ school in support of extracurricular fee based activities, up to $200 for individuals and $400 for married couples. Tax credit carries over to new years if not fully utilized.http://www.azdor.gov/TaxCredits/SchoolTaxCreditsforIndividuals.aspx

Please take advantage of these fantastic state tax credits and support your local community!

Vegan options at Wildflower Bread Company

I love Wildflower Bread Company! Not only is their food amazingly delicious, but they donate a portion of their profits to charity and are always participating in additional charity events and helping out the local community. Their customer service is also superb, as they’re quick to respond to any inquiries and always willing to resolve issues for their customers. I reached out to them last year to get an “official” list of their vegan menu items, and they provided the list below. I should’ve published this a long time ago, but here it is, better late than never!


Vegan Offerings

· Herb

· Caraway Rye

· Sourdough

· Herb Foccacia

· Whole Wheat Cinnamon Raisin & Nut

· Ciabatta

· Vienna

· Levain

· Organic Steel Cut Oatmeal

o Remove Almond Cream & Whole Wheat Cinnamon Raisin Crouton

· Fruit salad

o Remove Honey Yogurt & Banana Bread

· Wildflower Salad

o Remove Cilantro Lime Dressing (honey)

· Hummus plate

· Mediterranean Salad

o Remove Feta Cheese

· Emerald Spinach

o Remove Gorgonzola & Bacon

· Chopped Salad

o Remove Wild Alaskan Salmon, Feta & Couscous

· Garden Vegetable

o Remove 9 Grain (honey)

· Roasted Sweet Potato

o Remove Mozzarella

· Portobello Picnic

o Remove Herb Chèvre

· Roasted Vegetable Sandwich

o Remove Ranch

· Vegetarian Black Bean

· Vegetarian Curried Rice and Lentil

· Vegetarian Lentil

· Vegetarian Garden Vegetable

· Vegetarian Gazpacho

· Vegetarian Chili

· Linguini/Penne with Marinara

o Remove Parmesan Cheese

· Roasted Tomato & Almond Pesto (available 07/12/11)

o Remove Parmesan Cheese


Note: Information provided by Louis J. Basile, Jr. (Wildflower CEO) on 6/30/2011.

Bite Nite charity event at Scottsdale Resort

Tera and I attended Bite Nite at the Scottsdale Resort and Conference center last Saturday night.

Bite Nite is a charity event and fundraiser for the Arizona chapter of the ALS Association, who is working to find a cure for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease.

The Locals Only Phoenix show with Jenn Maggiore and Heather Long was recorded live at the event. Tera and I make an appearance on the show around the 00:20:40 mark. Check out the video below to see us on the show! Note: the video takes a minute or so to load after clicking play.

If you have trouble playing the embedded video above, try playing it directly on the Ustream website instead.

Thank you to Locals Only Phoenix and AZ ALS for hooking us up with tickets!

I’d say the event was a smashing success. We had a fabulous time and they raised a lot of money to help fund research for curing ALS and for services for ALS patients in need.

The event was made possible by many generous sponsors, but 5 valley restaurants were crucial, all who donated time, money and other resources to this great cause. Huge kudos to 5th and Wine, Oregano’s, Cien Agaves, Va Bene and Ling & Louie’s for their outstanding contributions.

Podcasting from a bicycle

Did you know that April is Valley Bike Month in the Phoenix area? Yep, sure is. And with the awesome weather we’re having, it’s an opportune time to use a bicycle for transportation, exercise, leisure, fun or whatever suits you.

This past Sunday, Tera and I took advantage of the most excellent weather and rode our bicycles to US Egg in North Phoenix for breakfast. In mid bicycle ride, I tested out CinchCast‘s telephone podcast call in service.

Check out my bicycle-cast by clicking the play button below:

So far, I’m digging the CinchCast service. After signing up for a free account and specifying your mobile phone number, you can call the dedicated CinchCast phone number and record a podcast from anywhere, at anytime. You can also record from any computer that supports Flash. They also have an iPhone app and an Android app is in the works.

I’m really looking forward to the Android app and I’ve also suggested that they support the ability to email an audio file in to publish to Cinch. This would avoid poor audio quality/reception issues that are common when using a mobile phone.

Props to marshallk for inspiring my bicycle-cast.

Welcome to Arizona, the surveillance state video

The official videos from Ignite Phoenix 6 are now online!

Here’s the video of Ross Trumble presenting on: Welcome to Arizona, the surveillance state.

Ross and I both worked very hard on this presentation and I’m stoked on how well he presented it. For more info, check out my related post: Welcome to Arizona, the surveillance state slideshow.

To watch the rest of the Ignite Phoenix 6 presentations, visit the IgnitePhoenix YouTube page.

Dance Dance Chair-volution

Lots of us are stuck behind a desk all day, sitting in a chair. It’s repetitive. We get bored. We get tired of the same ol’ routine.

To save ourselves from insanity, we sometimes get creative, silly or just plain weird.

Thanks to a great idea from Kevin Spidel, today’s saving grace is the chair dance.

My chair dance

The Kevin Spidel chair dance that started it all

Zaneology chair dance

Jeremy Vaught’s chair dance

These were all recorded using the service 12seconds.tv, which allows 12 seconds maximum per video clip, so you gotta make it quick!

Your turn! Join our Dance Dance Chair-volution

So now that we I have embarrassed myself, it’s your turn! I invite you to join our chair dancing party. Give us your worst best!

Tag your video clip/tweet/whatever with #chairdance #chairdancing and post a link here in the comments so that we’re sure to check yours out too!

Welcome to Arizona, the surveillance state slideshow

Below is the slideshow that was used in the Ignite Phoenix 6 presentation “Welcome to Arizona, the surveillance state”.

Ross Trumble gave the talk at Ignite Phoenix 6 and he killed it. I’m psyched on the turnout and proud to be part of such an awesome presentation, message and movement.

The talk content was co-authored by Ross Trumble & I. The slideshow was created by me (working closely with Ross, of course).

We initially submitted the talk as a dual presentation (where both Ross & I would present), but the Ignite Phoenix team asked us to make it one person. I’m really happy that we decided that Ross would do the talk, as he did an amazing job. Kudos Ross, you rocked it.

Hopefully the Ignite Phoenix team will have the video online soon.

The cameras are coming down in November!

To learn more, go to CameraFraud.wordpress.com and Meetup.CameraFraud.com.

Phoenix rocked Twestival Global 2010

Twestival Global 2010 has come and gone and what an amazing event it was.

On Thursday March 25th 2010, people in over 175 cities around the world came together offline to rally around the important cause of Education. @Concern Worldwide was selected by the Twestival global team and local organizers to be the fund-raising recipient because of their comprehensive and well respected approach to education. This is an issue that involves many different elements; hunger, water, teacher training, building of schools, etc.

There are still some out-standing donations rolling in, but let’s take a look at how we did here locally in Phoenix.

Twestival Global 2010 Results

As of this post, $454,788.81 has been raised for Concern Worldwide thanks to Twestival.

Phoenix contributed in a huge way, with $16,853.46 (and more still coming in).

This places Phoenix as the #3 city in the world in total contributions, behind only Dubai and New York City. This is a phenomenal achievement.


As Amanda Blum rightfully pointed out, Phoenix attendees are “more valuable” than attendees in other cities. Meaning that we raised more money than other cities that had more attendees or other cities with a comparable amount of attendees.

Thank you

So with that, I would like to say thank you Phoenix. Thank you to Twestival Phoenix attendees, thank you to the donors, thank you to the sponsors, thank you to the volunteer team…

…but especially, thank you to Chris and Heather Lee.


The Lee family puts in an insane amount of time, work and effort leading up to, during and after Twestival Phoenix.

I had the pleasure of helping with Twestival Phoenix this past event and I can can tell you that Chris & Heather are working on Twestival just about every waking hour of every day leading up to the event (and much more the week before and week after). They are an inspiration and simply amaze me with their hard-work and dedication.

So again, thank you Lee family. Phoenix is lucky to have you.

10 reasons you should attend Twestival Phoenix

Tweet, Meet, Give. Sounds simple enough right?

Twestival Phoenix is occurring at 7pm on Thursday, March 25th at Martini Ranch in Scottsdale.

This is a 100% volunteer run event. All money raised will benefit Concern Worldwide, a non-profit, non-government organization that provides aid to areas in extreme poverty around the world, with a focus on building schools, training teachers, providing clean drinking water, health education, disaster relief, etc.

Social media is fun. It’s educational, it helps us communicate, but it can also be used for a good cause, such as this.

10 reasons you should attend Twestival Phoenix

  • It’s for a great cause.
  • It’s fun! We had a great time at Twestival Phoenix last year.
  • The drinks! Each attendee receives 2 drink tickets and Twestival Phoenix will have beverages on hand from Cruz tequila, Karlsson’s Gold vodka and Full Sail Brewing.
  • Food! Twestival Phoenix will have complimentary bites on hand from Kabuki, Petit Fromage, Fairytale Brownies, SuperFarm, Udder Delights, Wildflower Bread Company and more!
  • Network. Twestival Phoenix attempts to draw together everyone in the Phoenix social media community. There will be many a networking opportunity available at the event.
  • Win prizes! Twestival Phoenix will be running a raffle and giving away a slew of prizes to attendees. Tons of gift certificates, gift baskets and prizes from local area businesses will be handed out.
  • Rock out! The Surfside IV will be jamming the house at Twestival Phoenix. The best surf-rock band in the valley.
  • Silent auction. Twestival Phoenix will feature many high value items & services in the silent auction. This is your chance to pick up some very cool stuff at a discount, all the while supporting a great cause.
  • Get a cool t-shirt. You have the option of purchasing a slick Twestival Phoenix t-shirt, which you will receive at the event.
  • Did I mention music? Green Ears (hip-hop & reggae cover band) and Radio Maker are also scheduled to play Martini Ranch the night of Twestival Phoenix.

Please attend Twestival Phoenix!

We need as many attendees as possible to make this a successful event. Please come! Please bring some friends! Purchase tickets here.

We also need help spreading the word. Please tweet, blog, Facebook status update or whatever else you can think of to help make people aware of the event.

I hope to see you on March 25th!

Official website: http://phoenix.twestival.com