Comedy is good

Need a laugh? Then check out the Tempe Improv. A comedy club like no other in Arizona.


The Improv is a pretty small venue (~500 capacity), but this is actually a good thing. Just about any seat in the house is a good one when the place is small (we dig the balcony seats), providing an excellent view of the stage. And although it’s compact, the place still draws big name comedians.

We visit regularly, and if you haven’t seen live comedy before, you’re surely missing out. So have a visit, have some fun and enjoy the show.

What’s better than a good laugh?

Pay the lowest possible price: my purchasing strategies

I hate paying MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) for anything. Heck, I even hate paying “standard price”.

I’m a deal seeker, a bargain hunter, a cost cutter! Why pay more when you can pay less? (assuming an equal product) This is the very essence of the free markets and consumer choice.

Do your homework to get the best deal

To that end, whenever I’m looking to purchase something in particular, I do my research. I check prices on Amazon, Newegg and other websites that may be appropriate for the particular product I’m looking to purchase.

The Hot Deals websites

But no matter how much you search around, it’s easy to miss a great deal, a limited time sale, a special promotion, an exclusive coupon code or something else. That’s where the Hot Deals communities come in.


SlickDeals and FatWallet are simply outstanding deal-seeking communities. Community members scour the web for the hottest deals and post them to the forums for everyone’s benefit.

I search on these sites before I buy just about anything and it usually pays off. There’s normally at least one deal for whatever you’re looking for.

Get Cashback

I purchase just about everything with my Chase Freedom credit card, which has an excellent cash back program. I normally earn a couple hundred dollars a year just from that alone.

I also use online cash back services like Bing Cashback to maximize savings.

Using a few of these tips is sure to save you some money. So get buying, and for less!

Rain rain, come again?

Rain is a funny thing in a place that rarely gets it. Here in Phoenix, AZ, our annual average rainfall is a mere 8.3 inches. Yes, that’s yearly. The first 2 months of 2010 have been quite precipitous, with lots of H2O sprinkling down on the valley of the sun.

But when you rarely get something, it’s a treat. Most people here enjoy the rain when it does come, as long as it’s not for an extended stay.

One major problem is that people living here in Phoenix drive like complete morons when it rains. It seems as though they loose their frickin minds. Lots of accidents auto collisions, as you might imagine.

Do we need to add an extra week-long course into the driver’s ed classes here in central Arizona?

Rain = slippery. Slow down. It’s pretty simple people.

Stop junk mail

I really dislike postal mail. Most of it is just a big waste of time and a hassle to deal with. You have to open up all the envelopes, sift through documents, throw it out recycle, or file the papers (if they’re worth retaining).

With that said, I do just about everything I can to reduce the amount of postal mail that I receive.

The biggest problem, of course, is all the junk mail. All the advertisements, the “offers” and all the other crap that really wastes your time.


How to stop junk mail

Thankfully, with a little effort, you can stop the majority of junk mail that is plaguing your mailbox.

Unsubscribe from pre-approved credit offers (Credit Agency junk mail)

Unsubscribe from the Direct Marketer’s Association (DMA) lists

Just these 2 actions will help stop junk mail, vastly reducing the amount of items that you’ll receive. But don’t stop there, some advertisers, coupon-flyer mailers, aren’t part of the DMA. You’ll need to contact those companies directly to get added to their do not mail lists.

Using these tactics, I’ve greatly reduced the amount of crap that I get in the mail. Some days, I don’t even get anything in my mailbox at all! There is no way that would have happened in the past, before unsubscribing from all these lists.

Take control of your mailbox! Help the environment! Kill that junk mail.

Operation Wine Smuggle

I like going out. I like going to events. Who doesn’t?

What I don’t like is paying inflated prices due to a monopoly, venue lock-in, etc. Due to this, I sometimes get creative with what I bring to events. I like to frost the rules.

We attended a Phoenix Suns game earlier this month. To avoid purchasing shots of wine for $10 each, I brought Operation Wine Smuggle into effect!

Before hitting the game, we stopped in at a friendly neighborhood crack-head infested Circle K and picked up a few boxed wines.

Thankfully, US Airways Center security didn’t have a pat-down operation occurring at the arena’s entrance that night. But even if they did… if I got busted… if my contraband was confiscated… I wouldn’t be mad. Those are the risks of the game, and I’ll keep playing it!


Operation Wine Smuggle was a success!

I’ve smuggled an entire pizza into a movie theater before. Years ago in Pennsylvania, I also smuggled a 40 oz into a movie too.

Have you done any food/drink/other smuggling into events?

Spread the love

Happy Valentine’s day! But what is this “holiday” exactly? Is it just a hyped-up greeting card event that is heavily promoted solely to sell candy, expensive flowers and other goods? Possibly, but does that even matter?

Today is a good reminder to cherish the loved ones in your life. You don’t have to buy gifts. A simple phone call works. A creative show of affection works.

Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed for anyone. Spread the love.

Spice up them photos!

My post yesterday, was simply a photo.

So what’s going on there? In the foreground, you can see my good friends Jake & Mandy having an intimate moment, and in the background… well, you can see for yourself!

I enjoy spicing up photos with the unexpected, or as some non-believers call it, “ruining photos”.

I gotta say, that photo infiltration right there is some of my best work. And just in case you’re wondering, no, Jake & Mandy were not mad. They laughed their asses off when they viewed the photo.

Keep it spicy people!