Happy Halloween 2009!

I hope you had a Happy Halloween! We dressed up as gangstas this year.

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We started out the night by giving out candy to the neighborhood kiddies. Our gattling gun makes noise when the trigger is pulled, so I had some fun shooting the little ghosts & goblins when they came up to trick or treat.

Afterwards, we headed out to the Halloween bash at Tim Finnegans. They had drink specials, live music, a costume contest and some Guiness girls giving out some schwag. One of the Guiness chicks hooked us up with t-shirts and bottle openers.

At the end of the night, the owner of Tim Finnegans hooked us up with a set of Carlsberg glasses, a shirt and a hat. It was a fun night.

Upload and Tweet mobile video on Android

I recently started using Swift, which is a Twitter client for Android. One of the main reasons I switched away from the Twidroid client was due to the lack of video support. Swift supports both Yfrog & TwitVid video services, making it easy to upload & tweet out video links while on the go.

I tested out both services after capturing some video of a chipmunk at the top of North mountain here in Phoenix, AZ. Below are the results.



I like TwitVid better. Not only because it gives you a larger video, but also because of the name. A link to “Yfrog.com” doesn’t tell you much, unless you already know the service. A link to TwitVid.com though, would immediately make you think of video, even if you have never seen a link from that site before.

Do you upload & tweet out video links while on the go? If so what service do you recommend?

Diggnation Tempe

Last night, I attended a live filming of Diggnation at the Tempe Center for the Arts (TCA), in Tempe, AZ. Big thanks to @EvilBobby for getting me on the speshkal kids list. I showed up around 7pm and cruised over to the GoDaddy area to pick up my ticket. Tons of people were still trapped outside, waiting to see if they would be allowed entry, as most seats were first come first served.

Lots of Tweeps

After gaining entry and picking up my ticket, I cruised around the TCA lobby area to see who was in attendance. Fellow Phoenix tweeters were abound. I chitchatted a bit with @chuckreynolds, @tambre, @paulvalach & @georgie_phx. I also got a chance to meet @Clintus @KtHaney @brianshaler & @transparnthuman.

The TCA bar incident

As I stood in line at the TCA bar, waiting to get a drink, I noticed many peeps walking around, happily sipping on tasty Fat Tire ales. I ordered up a Fat Tire once I got to the front of the line and was promptly told that they were all out (the bartender said they only had the few beers standing on display at the bar; Budweiser, Miller? & another crappy beer). Not one for craptastic beers, I then made do with a mixed drink. As soon as I took my first sip, the girl in line behind me asks for a Fat Tire and the bar tender pulls one out of the fridge and hands it to her. Really?? Really TCA bartender? I asked him “I thought you were all out?” and then he tells me “that was my last one”. What an @$$hole. I shrugged it off, as I wasn’t going to let this little bartending blunder ruin my night.



This was my first time at the TCA and I was impressed. It’s a relatively new building and fits 600 attendees. The only thing that sucked was the lack of mobile phone service inside the theater. Most people were getting zero signal inside.


The actual Diggnation show was a ton of fun. Lots of antics and hilarity ensued.

Highlights include the GoDaddy girls giving away all types of swag, the weird @unicorn, Kevin & Alex chugging beers to the crowds’ “chug” chant, Kevin hitting stress balls into the audience with a putter, the putting contest and the main part of the show itself, which featured the funny conversations and antics of Kevin & Alex – the show hosts.

I wouldn’t call myself a Diggnation fan before I attended this show, but I would now. If you attended, how did you like the show?

More coverage over at NewTimes.

Twitter integrating the ReTweet

Twitter integrating the ReTweet

Twitter announced “Project Retweet” today, as the company is now officially working towards integrating a Retweet function directly into the Twitter service, website and API. Twitter plans to launch the feature in “a few weeks” and is currently working with developers to allow them to prepare for the new API features. This means that when the new feature actually does launch, your favorite 3rd party Twitter client such as Tweetdeck, Twidroid, etc, could already have the feature available.

Kudos to Twitter for integrating a feature that is highly desired and will be highly utilized by the community.

Twitter published the following image with their announcement, to give you an idea of what the integrated Retweet feature will look like.

In the image above, notice that the 2nd mock tweet from the top, by ev, is actually a retweet. Underneath, you’ll find the attribution, stating that it was retweeted by biz. So even if you’re not following ev, if you are following biz, you would get a tweet appearing in your stream that looks like it came from ev.

How will this affect the Twitter experience?

This might cause some mild confusion with the Twitter community on the initial rollout, but over the long run, it looks like it will be a great way to handle retweets. You’ll no longer have to crop/edit/squeeze the original tweet that you are retweeting, as the integrated retweet will take up the exact same amount of characters as the original tweet. No more losing precious tweet characters for “RT” or @username, the integrated retweet will be an identical replica of the original tweet, except with an added retweet attribution underneath, but not part of the actual tweet. Pretty freakin cool!

One question remains on how the original tweeter will actually see these new integrated retweets in their own stream. It would be a bit strange if you get a duplicate (re)tweet in your stream that looks like it came from yourself, but how else would you know when/if someone retweeted you?

What do you think about the upcoming integrated retweet?