Why do you blog?


As I’ve mentioned previously, I’m participating in Scott Bishop’s 28 day blogging challenge.

What are your blogging goals?

Many of the 28 day challenge participants are working to increase their page views, increase their subscriber base, make more money from their blog, etc. And while all of these items are worthy goals, I’m not focused on any of that for this blog.

So why am I doing it? Simply…

for my own enjoyment.

I blog for me

As I mentioned in my guest post on JohnChow.com, Real life lessons from Dear Me: A Blogger’s Tale, blogging can be therapeutic. It’s educational (for learning & teaching), it’s expressive, it’s creative, it’s conversational and it’s fun. It is your own personal broadcasting platform to the world!

I’ve been writing for many different sites for a long time, and most of those sites have a very specific purpose or a confined set of topics. I write about technology, I write about my neighborhood community and I write for a few other sites that I’m not going to list here.


This little personal blog of mine has no confines. No topic is off-limits and no subject is out of bounds. There are no pre-defined formats, nor are there a strict set of categories that limit my scope.

No rules, no confines? That can be a very liberating concept.

Why do you blog?

Photo credit: Marco Bellucci