Doppelganger week on Facebook

This week is doppelganger week on Facebook. What the hell is that?

“Doppelganger week! During Doppelganger week change your facebook profile picture to some famous celebrity such as a famous musician, actor, or athlete that you have been told that you look like…. and repost this message.”

Doppelganger week is a Facebook meme where users update their profile photo to be a celebrity that they’ve been told they look like, or a celebrity that they think they look like. Cute game eh? Jared Newman at PC World doesn’t think so, calling it narcissism exposed.

To me, it seems like a harmless game. I like the concept better than the multitude of annoying quizzes and chain status updates/notes (post this or you die) that rear their ugly head on Facebook.

I’ve been told that I look like Michael C. Hall (of Dexter fame), Adrian Grenier (of Entourage fame) and a few others. I decided to go with Adrian Grenier since I’ve heard that one the most often.


A Facebook fan page for Doppelganger week has even popped up onto the scene. This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone, as there’s a fan page for just about everything else in the world.

What do you think of doppelganger week?

Twitter in Phoenix Arizona

Hello, I’m Wes Novack. I’m on Twitter and I tweet A LOT.


Follow me, talk to me, let’s have a conversation.

How I use Twitter

I use Twitter to stay connected with the community in Phoenix Arizona, to read about breaking news, for entertainment, to broadcast interesting links, to talk to others and for many other purposes. I also follow and converse with others outside of the Phoenix area, but the majority of the tweeps that I follow are in AZ.

My follow back policy

My follow back policy is simple: interact with me & I will follow you back, regardless of your location. What does “interact” mean? Reply to one of my questions, ask me a question, retweet something I post, etc. I will notice any of these and if I’m not following you, I will. I have found other follow back policies to be too time consuming or inefficient.

Thanks for reading and I hope we can interact on Twitter!

1/3/2015 Update: I moved to Utah in 2013, and I don’t particularly adhere to a ‘follow back’ policy these days…