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"how did you get my email address? I didn't give u permission to put my pic up and I would really appreciate it if you took it off. it was funny for a bit but now im getting upset so please take it off and another thing im not secretly in love with you."

This domain ( is FOR SALE!
To make an offer, please send an email to domains(atnospam)

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A production.

What is a photoslap or a photo slap?
pho-to-slap [foh-toh-slap]
-noun, -verb plural -s (photoslaps)
A photoslap occurs when you snag a snapshot photo of someone when they least expect it. It is preferable that the victim (photoslapee) does not expect the photoslap. It is also preferable that you catch them with the strangest, most stupid or ugly look on their face during the photoslap moment. Photoslap can also be used as a verb. Example: "Wow, she got photoslapped!". Now that you know what it is, get out there and get photoslapping!