Ashton and Dylan’s 1st day of Soccer!

Ashton and Dylan’s 1st day of Soccer!

Toddler soccer is like a chaotic fire drill. Kids are running every which way, grabbing the ball with their hands, bonking heads, kicking the ball in their own goal, too many players on the field due to kids refusing to sit out, and all sorts of other mayhem.

Dylan and Ashton seemed to have a good time, and if nothing else, it’s a good opportunity for them to socialize and interact with other chitlins.

Lots of practice ahead! Viva futball!

College Savings accounts for Ashton & Dylan

Ashton & Dylan’s 2nd birthday is coming up soon (Sept 14th)!

With that in mind, I wanted to let our friends and family know that we have College Savings accounts setup for them. If you’d like to contribute to Ashton & Dylan’s educational funds, you can do so at GradSave by using the following links:

Thank you!

Nature’s Garden Delivered: organic food delivery

Do you think organic food is expensive? Hard to find and inconvenient to search out? If so, then you probably haven’t heard of Nature’s Garden Delivered.


Just about every week, I get a big box of high quality, 100% organic produce from NGD. Their produce is high quality, delicious and we feel good knowing that no pesticides, herbicides, other dangerous chemicals or genetically modified organisms are involved in our food.

Their pricing is affordable and you can’t beat the convenience of having your produce dropped off for you right on your doorstep.

These guys make organic eating easy! I would highly recommend that you check them out.

One day #WithoutShoes in 2011

On 4/5/2011, hundreds (thousands?) of people ditched all footwear to experience being barefoot for a day, all to raise awareness for children in developing countries who don’t have the option of using footwear when they encounter treacherous terrain or conditions (see bottom of this post for links to some criticisms of this “marketing” event).

Embedded below is a quick video I made of my experience during one day #WithoutShoes.

A few ruminations from my day #WithoutShoes

It’s nice to be able to really feel the ground and the terrain that you’re standing on, opposed to wearing shoes that remove the majority of foot-to-ground sensations.

Driving is fun without shoes. I like pushing on the brake & accelerator pedals with just one toe.

The ground is HOT (in Phoenix, AZ). My feet were burning as I stood on asphalt. I had to hop around or find shade to stand in to avoid getting burnt feet.

My wife was reluctant to accept my experiment of going #withoutshoes all day, especially since I had to meet her at work to pickup something from her boss. To avoid weirdo-shock, she pre-explained to him about my little #withoutshoes day experiment.

I was afraid of stepping on glass. I did actually spot a few small glass shards while walking around during the day and handily avoided them.

I was worried that the restaurant I went to for lunch wouldn’t let me inside without shoes (we sat on the patio so it was a non-issue). Same thing for dinner, although I went inside anyway and there was no issue.

Your feet get VERY dirty when you walk around barefoot. I know, big shocker, huh? I had to wash my feet before going to bed.

I need to buy some Vibrams! I love being able to feel the ground but I don’t want to worry about cutting my feet open on glass or burning my feet on hot pavement.

For more info on a day #WithoutShoes check out

I also enjoyed reading the Primalfoot Alliance critique of one day without shoes and other criticisms of Tom’s Shoes.

Hot Air Balloon Ride in North Phoenix

Tera bought me a hot air balloon ride with Hot Air Expeditions for my birthday. We had a great time on the ride. Here’s some video of the experience.

We really got lucky with the pilot and the balloon that we were on. Our pilot had the most flight hours logged in the entire country, he took us through the hills at low altitude, we were in the air longer than any of the other balloons, we flew the highest and our balloon flew farther than anyone else in our “fleet”. It was a ton of fun and I really enjoyed the experience as well as the views. I’d definitely do it again.

Intel six-core i7-980x processor acquired!

A couple of weekends ago, the good folks at @IntelGameOn sent me a tweet to let me know that they were holding a special event and giveaway at Fry’s Electronics in Phoenix.

I stopped in, chatted with some of the Intel staff and got a scanner card to enter their giveaway contest. The majority of the people there were winning t-shirts, hats, pens and other little Intel swag (including my friend Warren Owen, who won a t-shirt). When they scanned my card to see what I won, I was completely shocked when they told me that I had won the best possible prize, an Intel i7-975x four-core processor!

Retailing at $999.99, it couldn’t get much better than that, right? Wrong! About a week later, they sent me another message to let me know that my prize had been upgraded to an Intel i-7-980x SIX core processor. Wow.

Today, this beast of a processor was delivered to me via Fedex.

Thank you again to Intel and IntelGameOn, you guys rock!

Ignite Phoenix 6 tickets: blog contest

Ignite Phoenix 6 tickets sold out in under 30 minutes. Do you want in? I’m giving away tickets to Ignite Phoenix 6, via a blogging contest.

What is Ignite Phoenix?


Ignite Phoenix is an information exchange for fostering and inspiring Phoenix’s creative community. In one evening, you hear 18 passionate speakers from our creative, technical, and business communities talking about their current projects or favorite ideas for just five minutes. Presentations will educate and inspire you, and maybe make you laugh in the process.

Ignite Phoenix blogging contest

In the spirit of Ignite Phoenix, this contest has the following entry requirements:

1) Write a post on your own blog, discussing what you would present on if you had to do an Ignite Phoenix presentation. See the Ignite Phoenix guidelines as a reference. Need a blog? Create one for free on

2) Link back to this contest post somewhere in your post, mentioning this contest. Example: “This is my entry into the Ignite Phoenix 6 tickets contest on”.

3) Post a comment on this post with a link to your blog post contest entry.

How will the winner be selected?

I will read all of the entries and award the two Ignite Phoenix 6 tickets to the one I like best. This is totally subjective and completely my own opinion & decision. You will not be given preferential treatment based on whether or not I know you. All entries will be judged based on the content of the blog post.

Why am I doing this?

Hopefully, participating in this contest will inspire even more people to submit a talk for Ignite Phoenix 7, or a future Ignite event. On a personal level, I thought this would be a fun contest to run and a creative method to allow someone to blog their way into Ignite Phoenix. It’s also a good way to gain some link juice for this relatively new website of mine.

If you have any questions, feel free to post them in the comments or hit me on Twitter.

Note: This contest is not approved or affiliated with the Ignite Phoenix team or the Phoenix Innovation Foundation.