I started a draft of this post on February 11th, 2023! It was quite the delay from first draft to actually publishing it.

I started off the year with a new notebook to test a new model out for our engineering team: the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Extreme Gen3. Compared to the previous model that we used as our standard (Lenovo ThinkPad P53), the X1 Extreme is thinner, lighter, more powerful, better battery life, and has better performance. This machine continues to do well for us and has become our new standard model for our engineering department.

Vegas in January

Our first trip of the year was a quick weekend jaunt down to Vegas, to escape the cold January weather of northern Utah. We had a good time and were able to visit a few of our favorite restaurants, including Good Morning Kitchen and Tacotarian. I love the vegan “corned beef & hash” with Just Egg at Good Morning Kitchen.

Pictured above, starting at the top left, clockwise: The fam at Good Morning Kitchen (GMK), Chilaquiles at GMK, Ashton joking with Dylan at GMK, Vegan Just Egg omelette at GMK, The fam on the patio at Tacotarian in downtown LV.

Funny photos

From the left: Ashton and Dylan playing cops and robbers, caught with a funny expression, Dylan caught with a mad expression and then captioned by Ashton.

Our new favorite restaurant

Sweet Hazel & Co . We’ve been a fan of Chef Fee’s creations since she was operating out of a warehouse in Murray. That warehouse presence then turned to a store front, where she focused on sweets and desserts. She now has a full blown restaurant in Midvale! This lovely space and bistro offers a full breakfast and lunch menu, and even hosts special events!

You can see the Reuben sandwich in the images above. Our favorites are the breakfast burrito and the BLT, which is made with Umaro vegan bacon, which is soo friggin good and delicious that we can’t get enough of it.


Favorite thing from 2022: Opening presents at Christmas. Disneyland was second. Dylan continues to love the chili verde jackfruit & tofu burrito at Lazy Day Cafe, as his favorite meal at a restaurant.

Favorite book series: The Hunger Games.

Favorite games: Roblox, Geometry Dash, Super Mario Odyssey.

Favorite shows: A Series of Unfortunate Events, Loki.

Favorite YouTuber: Rekrap2.

Favorite school subject: Art.


Favorite thing from 2022: Hawaii!

Favorite book series: Keeper of the Lost Cities series. 2nd place: The Hunger Games.

Favorite games: Roblox (Pet Simulator X & others), Geometry Dash, Super Mario Odyssey.

Favorite school subject: Reading.

I’m going to end it here because this post has lagged in draft purgatory mode for far too long! Cheers!


Favorite Vacation: Maui, Hawaii!

Our favorite vacation in 2022 was without a doubt, our trip to Kona, on The Big Island, in Hawaii. We spent 4 weeks in Hawaii in the summer, as Tera found a phenomenal deal on a condo that was the same price as other places for 2 weeks.

Photos to be added!

Wes favorite book: Project Hail Mary, by Andy Weir

What a fantastic book! I loved it. I listened to this one on Audible and enjoyed it immensely. This one was a tough one to put down and I had a great time being taken through the story in audio format.

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