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  1. Dear Wes,

    Nice to meet you and hope for our cooperation.
    Referring to Marq’s software engineering vacancies I suppose it might be relevant to offer you to consider partnership with Scalac.
    Scalac is a 120 engineers software development company headquartered in Poland and the USA and delivering globally to Scala (Akka/ZIO) and Java specialised services for AdTech, FinTech, HealthTech and MediaTech companies in the USA and Europe.
    For your information I enclose the One Pager and a link to sample profiles of Scalac’s Team database, which you can access at https://scalac.pub.teamy.ai/240a3758-b91e-4b16-a2b8-7550f60a5a17 using PIN 1422 .
    In case you have initial cooperation interest in our offer for your current or planned software development services needs, please, kindly share your brief feedback.
    If you would be interested we could also discuss special Customer welcome offers I could provide you currently and you will be entitled to a 30-days Customer Happiness Warranty.

    With best regards and hope for future cooperation,

    Anton Galynya

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