Adventures in toddler land

It’s never a dull moment in toddler land. Lately it’s been a whole lot of screaming, throwing things and of course, making huge messes everywhere.

Today the boys both crawled in the toy box and were chillin.


Dylan was chillin so hard that his peeps were calling him up on the baby celly.


Yesterday we broke out the single stroller and the boys took turns pushing eachother around the house.


There was also some peekaboo, laughing and head petting involved.


We also let the boys run around the park and everyone found some sticks to carry around.


Dylan found some BIG sticks.


It’s always a fun time when we have the boys engaged and an activity to do, but these last couple of weeks their tolerance for playing on their own without our attention has dwindled.

Of course we’d love to give them attention all day, but we have to get things done around the house!

But don’t get me wrong, even though it can be frustrating sometimes, every day the boys do something that makes me laugh or smile, which makes it all worthwhile. I couldn’t imagine life without these two cute little human tornadoes in our household.

Hope you enjoyed this quick little peek into #toddlerlife

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