Happy Easter 2014!


Happy Easter! This year, we held a backyard Easter egg hunt for the boys mid-week and then on the weekend, we attended the “6th Annual Vegan Easter (no) Egg Hunt and vegan potluck!” organized by veganfamilies.org and sponsored by Cakewalk Baking Company. Huge thanks to Kelly Green, Cakewalk and all volunteers for putting on this amazing event!





We captured a few videos of the festivities, which you can checkout below.

Backyard Easter egg hunt

6th Annual Vegan Easter (no) Egg Hunt

Water guns!

We also gave the boys a few squirt guns, and they had a great time running around the yard, shooting each other, squirting us and squealing with joy.






On Easter Sunday, Papa, Nana and cousin Brayden came over and we all had a good time running around outside, playing, shooting water guns and bouncing on the trampoline.

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