Preston Howard

My brother in law, Preston Howard, passed away just over 2 years ago on this very date. He was 25 years young.

Preston was a good man, good family and a good friend to many.

Even now, it is tough to fathom that he is gone. It’s one of those things where your mind finds it difficult to comprehend or process the concept of it all. He should just be there, hanging out with us, the next time we’re there in Utah. That seems like the more normal and real situation, but unfortunately, it is not.

I am thankful that we got to spend that one last time with him in July 2010, while Tera and I were there in Utah celebrating our wedding. It is somewhat comforting to know that he was able to partake in that one last celebration with loved ones, family and friends. We had a great time with Preston on that trip and we’ll certainly never forget it.

It’s easy to remember the many good things about Preston, including his laid back attitude, chill mannerisms and his willingness to help his friends & family in need, no matter the situation.

Preston loved skateboarding and snowboarding, much like myself. In recent years, he had rekindled his interest and we would often talk about going out to skate. On most of my visits to Utah, I would usually leave my board back home in Phoenix, as it’s a hassle to lug it around through the airport and on to flights. Prior to our trips, Preston would always ask me if I was going to bring my board and was always hyped on us trekking out to skate together. His enthusiasm actually inspired me to buy a new board while I was in Utah, so that I could leave one there and skate whenever I visited, without having to worry about transporting a board.

The day that I bought that new board in Utah, our cousin JT and I went out skateboarding at one of the public parks in Salt Lake City. We were calling & text messaging Preston all morning, as we had already made plans to go skate with him that day. We couldn’t understand why he wasn’t answering, but we chalked it up to a depleted phone battery or something of that sort. Later that day, we learned the unthinkable, Preston had passed away early that morning.

I didn’t get to have that one last session with Preston, but he’s in my thoughts often, especially when I’m out skating. I know that he would be stoked to see that I’m out there shredding Utah, whenever I visit now.

Wish we had more time with you on this Earth my man. We miss & love you brotha. Peace.

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  1. Wonderful words for someone so loved.Thanks for sharing. Miss him dearly and I know the last all nighter talk I had with him was when I came down for the reception. Many wonderful memories as he lives on in our hearts.

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