Dance Dance Chair-volution

Lots of us are stuck behind a desk all day, sitting in a chair. It’s repetitive. We get bored. We get tired of the same ol’ routine.

To save ourselves from insanity, we sometimes get creative, silly or just plain weird.

Thanks to a great idea from Kevin Spidel, today’s saving grace is the chair dance.

My chair dance

The Kevin Spidel chair dance that started it all

Zaneology chair dance

Jeremy Vaught’s chair dance

These were all recorded using the service, which allows 12 seconds maximum per video clip, so you gotta make it quick!

Your turn! Join our Dance Dance Chair-volution

So now that we I have embarrassed myself, it’s your turn! I invite you to join our chair dancing party. Give us your worst best!

Tag your video clip/tweet/whatever with #chairdance #chairdancing and post a link here in the comments so that we’re sure to check yours out too!

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