Gourmet vegan dining with @paytoncurry’s local vegetable dishes

Chef Payton Curry has temporarily taken over the Welcome Diner near downtown Phoenix, offering up custom culinary creations to Phoenicians looking for an uncommon dining experience.

Chef Curry goes by the moniker “the guerrilla gourmet” and emphasizes the use of local, fresh veggies & ingredients, which he sources from local area farmers and farmer’s markets. Payton dishes up a wide variety of cuisine, while also offering vegetarian & vegan options. We were amped to hear about his willingness to whip up vegan meals (at any time), so we planned a trip.

On April 5th, Tera and I made our way down to the Roosevelt and 10th street area to pay(ton) a visit to the chef. We were treated to a delectable 6 course vegan meal tasting at the cozy & quaint Welcome Diner. The diner, property & furniture is mismatched and eclectic, but that gives the place character and adds to the experience. If you’re planning a visit, leave the snootiness at home & be prepared for a unique encounter.

Below are some photos of the dishes that we were served.

We thoroughly enjoyed all of the dishes and appreciate a chef who is enthusiastic about making vegetarian food. Of the 100+ customers who showed up on opening day (April 1st), Payton tells us that over 40% were vegetarian. An all-vegan meal is planned for Easter Sunday.

Payton Curry genuinely enjoys his trade and it shows in his cooking and personality. Do yourself a favor and treat yourself to his food at the Welcome Diner, while you can.

For hours and more information, check the blog at PaytonCurry.com and follow @PaytonCurry on Twitter.

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