Married in St Thomas!

We did it!

Tera and I were married on Saturday, May 8th on clip point at Sapphire Beach resort on St Thomas island.

Everything was perfect! Tera was absolutely gorgeous (as usual). The weather was phenomenal. Our minister was totally awesome. Our photographer and videographer were excellent. The setup, the scenery, the ceremony, the celebrating… we loved it all.


More photos of our wedding day and vacation are available in our St Thomas photo set on Flickr. We also hired a professional photographer and videographer (with 1080p HD recording of course), so we’ll have some really good photos and videos in the future.

Rain, rain, go away

The night before our wedding day, it was a torrential down pour. It was raining HARD. We were very worried that our wedding would be rained out. Thankfully, as the sun rose early in the morning, the clouds behaved and we had ourselves a fantastic, sunny day.

No reservo?

2 nights before our wedding, Tera’s parents were at a bar having some drinks when they heard another group of people talking about a wedding. This other group said that they were going to a wedding on Saturday morning, at 9AM, on clip point. The exact same time that we were planning to do our wedding!

Unfortunately for them, they had not reserved the point and we did. We notified our wedding coordinator who double checked on our reservation, confirming that it was valid. Our minister was then instructed to get to the point early to ward off any other parties.

When we got out to the point at 9AM, our minister was there notifying the other party that they would have to move their wedding to 10AM. It was freakin sweet! They had like 30 people at their wedding, we only had 2 guests. Some of the guests for the other wedding looked pissed and we found that to be slightly amusing.

We made the reservation, so it worked out for us. We couldn’t have asked for a better result.

We’re now enjoying the married life!

Thank you to everyone who has or will send us congratulations!

2 Comments on “Married in St Thomas!”

  1. Congratulations Tera & Wes!!!! The day was amazing and your Mixed Martial arts experience really paid off warding off the hoard waiting for the point! 🙂

    Awesome news on the processor! Looking to see the what the new 12 core macs are going to do. Just bought a second 8 core to edit on. Put a 100gb ssd drive in it and all I can say is GET ONE! Not just for boot times anymore 🙂 Apps load super fast and the machine is just a huge improvement over HDD.

    1. haha, thanks again Mike for your most excellent videography.

      I’d definitely like to get an SSD at some point to mess around with 🙂

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