Operation Wine Smuggle

I like going out. I like going to events. Who doesn’t?

What I don’t like is paying inflated prices due to a monopoly, venue lock-in, etc. Due to this, I sometimes get creative with what I bring to events. I like to frost the rules.

We attended a Phoenix Suns game earlier this month. To avoid purchasing shots of wine for $10 each, I brought Operation Wine Smuggle into effect!

Before hitting the game, we stopped in at a friendly neighborhood crack-head infested Circle K and picked up a few boxed wines.

Thankfully, US Airways Center security didn’t have a pat-down operation occurring at the arena’s entrance that night. But even if they did… if I got busted… if my contraband was confiscated… I wouldn’t be mad. Those are the risks of the game, and I’ll keep playing it!


Operation Wine Smuggle was a success!

I’ve smuggled an entire pizza into a movie theater before. Years ago in Pennsylvania, I also smuggled a 40 oz into a movie too.

Have you done any food/drink/other smuggling into events?

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