Mining blog ideas from your Twitpics

As I discussed in my post, What to blog about, I’ve always got a list of topics queued up that I would like to write about.

But not everyone does…

Stir up blogging ideas from your own photos

If you’re one of those people that is looking for inspiration or searching for a topic to blog about, why not take a look at your own Twitpics? If the image was interesting enough to share on Twitter, it might be interesting enough to warrant it’s own blog post.

I do this all the time.


The photo above is a poster on the wall at a US Egg restaurant, which I shared via Twitpic. This poster pic could’ve inspired a blog post on why coffee is good or bad, a post asking whether or not coffee makes you do stupid things, a post about coffee alternatives or whatever else you can come up with.

Twitter is a constant stream of updates and only a small percentage of your followers will actually see your Twitpics or photos. Blogging about those images will get them out to a larger audience.

Don’t stop there

Take a look at all of your online activity. Anything you do can turn into food for your next blog post. A great photo on Flickr, a great conversation on Twitter, a comment you made on another site, just about anything…

Use your own momentum, use your own activity and the posts will keep on flowing.

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