28 Day Blogging Challenge wrap up

28 days ago, I jumped in on the 28 day blogging challenge, along with many other bloggers. It all started with Scott Bishop’s pledge to blog 28 days in a row in order to increase traffic and readers on his blog.


I highly enjoyed the challenge on some days and on other days, it strained me. Like Tyler Hurst, I found that quite a few of my posts were “forced”, in order to meet the one post per day quota. These forced posts could have been much better, or skipped altogether.

Even so, I still came away with some posts that I really liked and some that also attracted a good amount of attention. With that said, here are my favorite posts that I wrote over the course of the challenge.

My favorite 28 day challenge posts

1) Gowalla for Android – This was a post about a Gowalla beta application for Android. It was picked up by TechCrunch and a slew of Android news websites. Lots of good back-link juice attained.

2) Why do you Yelp? – A post on Why I use Yelp and why I review businesses on the social user-review website. This post garnered a few good comments.

3) My blogging history – A look back at how I got started with blogging, on Geocities.

4) Why do you blog? – A post that examines my motivations for blogging, for sharing ideas, for joining the online conversation.

5) Operation wine smuggle – This one was just fun.

Wrap up

28 day challenge, you were fun and you were also annoying at times. All in all, it was a worthy project, but I’m certainly happy that I no longer “have to” come up with a post every day. It did go pretty quick though, and I’m actually surprised that the time is already up.

Up next: I’ll focus on some important non-content related items for this site. Mainly, switching to a theme that is more SEO friendly and that doesn’t ignore my specified permalink settings.

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