Using LeapFish for SEO

Yes, I’m doing the LeapFish $100,000 Cash Dash. Yes, you get points (raffle tickets) for doing blog posts and making videos about LeapFish. Yes, they are giving away prizes (iPads, MacBook Pro’s, Samsung TV’s & cash awards) to contestants.

I’ve explored high and low all over the LeapFish website and one of the more interesting things I’ve discovered is the ability to add your own links to your LeapFish Social Profile page, using whatever anchor text you want. This can provide some excellent link juice for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Watch the screencast video below to find out more.

As you can see from the video, LeapFish allows users to register and create a free “LeapFish Social Profile”. On the “Edit Social Profile” page, near the bottom, there is a section that allows you to add hyperlinks.

I’ve checked the Google Page Rank for and it comes up with a Page Rank of 6. This is good. Getting links from a PR 6 website can be very valuable and can certainly help you gain higher rankings in Search Engine Result Pages for a certain keyword or keyword set that you are targeting.

The source code on the leapfish social profile page also shows that it’s a legitimate hyperlink. There is no “nofollow” attribute added to the hyperlinks, which means that the search engines should give them value.

It also appears that you can added an unlimited number of links, which is pretty cool. So check it out and gain some SEO benefits from LeapFish.

See my post from yesterday for a more thorough overview and explanation of the LeapFish Cash Dash contest.

28 Day Blogging Challenge wrap up

28 days ago, I jumped in on the 28 day blogging challenge, along with many other bloggers. It all started with Scott Bishop’s pledge to blog 28 days in a row in order to increase traffic and readers on his blog.


I highly enjoyed the challenge on some days and on other days, it strained me. Like Tyler Hurst, I found that quite a few of my posts were “forced”, in order to meet the one post per day quota. These forced posts could have been much better, or skipped altogether.

Even so, I still came away with some posts that I really liked and some that also attracted a good amount of attention. With that said, here are my favorite posts that I wrote over the course of the challenge.

My favorite 28 day challenge posts

1) Gowalla for Android – This was a post about a Gowalla beta application for Android. It was picked up by TechCrunch and a slew of Android news websites. Lots of good back-link juice attained.

2) Why do you Yelp? – A post on Why I use Yelp and why I review businesses on the social user-review website. This post garnered a few good comments.

3) My blogging history – A look back at how I got started with blogging, on Geocities.

4) Why do you blog? – A post that examines my motivations for blogging, for sharing ideas, for joining the online conversation.

5) Operation wine smuggle – This one was just fun.

Wrap up

28 day challenge, you were fun and you were also annoying at times. All in all, it was a worthy project, but I’m certainly happy that I no longer “have to” come up with a post every day. It did go pretty quick though, and I’m actually surprised that the time is already up.

Up next: I’ll focus on some important non-content related items for this site. Mainly, switching to a theme that is more SEO friendly and that doesn’t ignore my specified permalink settings.