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I really dislike postal mail. Most of it is just a big waste of time and a hassle to deal with. You have to open up all the envelopes, sift through documents, throw it out recycle, or file the papers (if they’re worth retaining).

With that said, I do just about everything I can to reduce the amount of postal mail that I receive.

The biggest problem, of course, is all the junk mail. All the advertisements, the “offers” and all the other crap that really wastes your time.


How to stop junk mail

Thankfully, with a little effort, you can stop the majority of junk mail that is plaguing your mailbox.

Unsubscribe from pre-approved credit offers (Credit Agency junk mail)

Unsubscribe from the Direct Marketer’s Association (DMA) lists

Just these 2 actions will help stop junk mail, vastly reducing the amount of items that you’ll receive. But don’t stop there, some advertisers, coupon-flyer mailers, aren’t part of the DMA. You’ll need to contact those companies directly to get added to their do not mail lists.

Using these tactics, I’ve greatly reduced the amount of crap that I get in the mail. Some days, I don’t even get anything in my mailbox at all! There is no way that would have happened in the past, before unsubscribing from all these lists.

Take control of your mailbox! Help the environment! Kill that junk mail.

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