Pay the lowest possible price: my purchasing strategies

I hate paying MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) for anything. Heck, I even hate paying “standard price”.

I’m a deal seeker, a bargain hunter, a cost cutter! Why pay more when you can pay less? (assuming an equal product) This is the very essence of the free markets and consumer choice.

Do your homework to get the best deal

To that end, whenever I’m looking to purchase something in particular, I do my research. I check prices on Amazon, Newegg and other websites that may be appropriate for the particular product I’m looking to purchase.

The Hot Deals websites

But no matter how much you search around, it’s easy to miss a great deal, a limited time sale, a special promotion, an exclusive coupon code or something else. That’s where the Hot Deals communities come in.


SlickDeals and FatWallet are simply outstanding deal-seeking communities. Community members scour the web for the hottest deals and post them to the forums for everyone’s benefit.

I search on these sites before I buy just about anything and it usually pays off. There’s normally at least one deal for whatever you’re looking for.

Get Cashback

I purchase just about everything with my Chase Freedom credit card, which has an excellent cash back program. I normally earn a couple hundred dollars a year just from that alone.

I also use online cash back services like Bing Cashback to maximize savings.

Using a few of these tips is sure to save you some money. So get buying, and for less!

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