Twitter: public chat room of the world

I was recently asked why I’m not on IM (instant messaging) much anymore.

There are many reasons for that…


One of the primary reasons, is that I often forget to launch Pidgin (best multi-protocol IM client EVR). But why do I forget? Because it’s not that important anymore. Now there’s Twitter.

Twitter: public chat room of the world

Twitter has become the real-time conversation of the world. Why chat with just one person when you can chat with EVERYONE?

Many people still don’t get Twitter. In fact, it appears that signups & other key stats are declining for the service.

People who do get it, already use the service and find immense value in it. We don’t loose sleep at night over Twitter’s popularity (although the stats are interesting). It’s there, it’s an amazing tool, it’s revolutionized real-time communication. We take advantage. We join the world-wide conversation.

Instant, private, messaging will always have its place, but it’s usefulness has definitely taken a back seat to Twitter.

But how about you? Do you find yourself using instant messaging less nowadays due to Twitter?

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  1. If I want to talk to Mike, I have to use IM. That boy doesn’t answer his phone, and he isn’t going anywhere near anything new and communicative.

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