Rain rain, come again?

Rain is a funny thing in a place that rarely gets it. Here in Phoenix, AZ, our annual average rainfall is a mere 8.3 inches. Yes, that’s yearly. The first 2 months of 2010 have been quite precipitous, with lots of H2O sprinkling down on the valley of the sun.

But when you rarely get something, it’s a treat. Most people here enjoy the rain when it does come, as long as it’s not for an extended stay.

One major problem is that people living here in Phoenix drive like complete morons when it rains. It seems as though they loose their frickin minds. Lots of accidents auto collisions, as you might imagine.

Do we need to add an extra week-long course into the driver’s ed classes here in central Arizona?

Rain = slippery. Slow down. It’s pretty simple people.

2 Comments on “Rain rain, come again?”

  1. I’m thinking some Phoenix-specific PSAs are in order.

    Maybe something like this: “Rain is something you may think you’ll never have to deal with living in Phoenix. But statistics show that rainfall occurs every year in the Valley — and sometimes even more than once. Since rain is made of water, it makes the streets wet. This doesn’t have to be dangerous, as long as you use your head. Remember, even if all of the other drivers on the road are driving like drunken idiots with no will to live, you don’t have to give in to peer pressure. Not getting into an auto accident is what’s really cool.”

    (The more you know….)

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