Why do you Yelp?

yelpI’ve been asked a few times why I use Yelp or “Why would you want to write restaurant reviews?”

I love Yelp, the community spirit and how it helps everyone find local businesses with good quality products & services.

Initially, I started using Yelp as a discovery tool only, as the site helped me to search out many great restaurants and other local businesses that I would’ve otherwise not found.

After Yelp proved to be a valuable tool over and over, I decided to join in and start writing my own reviews. When I get complements like this:

“After seeing your review right now I decided I must have some for dinner tonight!!”

and reading reviews from other people that mention me:

“If I ever felt any regret about having moved to Arizona, it was probably because I thought that here I would never find pizza as good as those I’ve enjoyed for more than two decades in New York. But then I read Wes N.’s review of this place and decided to give it a try this afternoon after my trip to my beloved Costco which was in the area. Pow!!! Flashback to the great pizzerias of Arthur Avenue in The Bronx and the Lower West Side of Manhattan! Thanks, Wes, for letting me know about this place that brought a piece of New York into my life in the Valley of the Sun!”

it makes me proud to be a part of the Phoenix Yelp community. I encourage everyone to use Yelp and to contribute to the great community. I also appreciate the Yelp newsletter shout-outs to worthy local charities, events & causes.

I search on Yelp and check reviews for just about everything I do!

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the Yelp Elite events. Yelp awards “Elite status” to its most active, participating members. The Elite status gets you a shiny badge beside your name on the Yelp website and privileges to RSVP to “OYE’s” (Official Yelp Events), many of which are held for Elite members only. The Yelp Elite events often include free food, drinks and entertainment. I always have a great time at the Elite events. Throwing party’s and rewarding your most active members is a great way to grow your online community, Yelp has proved that.

Do you use Yelp? If so, why?

Tech Lunch North in Phoenix

Tech Lunch North – #techlunchnorth

When: Thursdays at 12:30pm
Where: Chino Bandido in North Phoenix
What: Get together with other community technical people for a fun lunch. Talk about technology, social media or whatever comes up!

The Tech Lunch North back-story

I live in North Phoenix, near I-17 and Bell Rd. I wish there were more live music venues, more good restaurants, more breweries, more pubs with good beer, more events in the area.

While I’m in no position to open up any type of venue at this time, I do have the ability to start/coordinate/promote/plan/help with events. I’ve always been impressed with the chatter & turnout of Tech Lunch South that I hear about on Twitter.

Wouldn’t it be cool if there was a Tech Lunch North? Now there is.


While I was looking into starting the event, I just so happened to stumble upon the site AZGroups.org, which already had a listing for a tech lunch north event.

I was excited, “it already exists!”, but as I journeyed over to Chino Bandido the first week to try and meetup with the group, I was sourly disappointed. There was no one there.

Eventually, I found out that Tech Lunch North was started by Steele Price and contacted him via email. Turns out, tech lunch north was just him and a couple of co-workers and it wasn’t being promoted much.

I took the opportunity and started promoting Tech Lunch North on Twitter, Eventification, got the event a shout out at Social Media Club Phoenix and am looking into other ways to raise awareness on the event.

#TechLunchNorth turnout

These days, we normally get around 6 people to show up and hang out for #techlunchnorth, but we’d like to get even more people to attend!

So you, yes you reading this, you’re invited to Tech Lunch North on Thursday’s at 12:30pm at Chino Bandido. Spread the word. Hope to see you there.

For the most up to date info on Tech Lunch North, search on Twitter for the #techlunchnorth hashtag.

Doppelganger week on Facebook

This week is doppelganger week on Facebook. What the hell is that?

“Doppelganger week! During Doppelganger week change your facebook profile picture to some famous celebrity such as a famous musician, actor, or athlete that you have been told that you look like…. and repost this message.”

Doppelganger week is a Facebook meme where users update their profile photo to be a celebrity that they’ve been told they look like, or a celebrity that they think they look like. Cute game eh? Jared Newman at PC World doesn’t think so, calling it narcissism exposed.

To me, it seems like a harmless game. I like the concept better than the multitude of annoying quizzes and chain status updates/notes (post this or you die) that rear their ugly head on Facebook.

I’ve been told that I look like Michael C. Hall (of Dexter fame), Adrian Grenier (of Entourage fame) and a few others. I decided to go with Adrian Grenier since I’ve heard that one the most often.


A Facebook fan page for Doppelganger week has even popped up onto the scene. This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone, as there’s a fan page for just about everything else in the world.

What do you think of doppelganger week?

Twitter in Phoenix Arizona

Hello, I’m Wes Novack. I’m on Twitter and I tweet A LOT.


Follow me, talk to me, let’s have a conversation.

How I use Twitter

I use Twitter to stay connected with the community in Phoenix Arizona, to read about breaking news, for entertainment, to broadcast interesting links, to talk to others and for many other purposes. I also follow and converse with others outside of the Phoenix area, but the majority of the tweeps that I follow are in AZ.

My follow back policy

My follow back policy is simple: interact with me & I will follow you back, regardless of your location. What does “interact” mean? Reply to one of my questions, ask me a question, retweet something I post, etc. I will notice any of these and if I’m not following you, I will. I have found other follow back policies to be too time consuming or inefficient.

Thanks for reading and I hope we can interact on Twitter!

1/3/2015 Update: I moved to Utah in 2013, and I don’t particularly adhere to a ‘follow back’ policy these days…