Podcasting from a bicycle

Did you know that April is Valley Bike Month in the Phoenix area? Yep, sure is. And with the awesome weather we’re having, it’s an opportune time to use a bicycle for transportation, exercise, leisure, fun or whatever suits you.

This past Sunday, Tera and I took advantage of the most excellent weather and rode our bicycles to US Egg in North Phoenix for breakfast. In mid bicycle ride, I tested out CinchCast‘s telephone podcast call in service.

Check out my bicycle-cast by clicking the play button below:

So far, I’m digging the CinchCast service. After signing up for a free account and specifying your mobile phone number, you can call the dedicated CinchCast phone number and record a podcast from anywhere, at anytime. You can also record from any computer that supports Flash. They also have an iPhone app and an Android app is in the works.

I’m really looking forward to the Android app and I’ve also suggested that they support the ability to email an audio file in to publish to Cinch. This would avoid poor audio quality/reception issues that are common when using a mobile phone.

Props to marshallk for inspiring my bicycle-cast.

Welcome to Arizona, the surveillance state video

The official videos from Ignite Phoenix 6 are now online!

Here’s the video of Ross Trumble presenting on: Welcome to Arizona, the surveillance state.

Ross and I both worked very hard on this presentation and I’m stoked on how well he presented it. For more info, check out my related post: Welcome to Arizona, the surveillance state slideshow.

To watch the rest of the Ignite Phoenix 6 presentations, visit the IgnitePhoenix YouTube page.