It’s Monday and I’m ready to rock

Another Monday, another start to the standard work week for the majority of Americans.

I’m ready to rock!

Get a real guitar dude!
Get a real guitar dude!

But this post isn’t really about Monday, or rocking out.

What it’s really about is cheesy motivational sayings, tweets, posters, quotes, etc.

I gotta wonder if I’m in the minority, but I get nuthin out of empty “motivational” bytes. If there’s a person constantly tweeting out quotes on Twitter, I tend to un-follow them.

So what motivates me? What inspires me? People doing things, people writing, people talking.

So instead of posting quotes, do something. Even if it’s “just” writing for 28 days straight. Thanks to Tyler for bringing the 28 day challenge to my attention.

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  1. Thanks to the wide-angle lens on my webcam, I have a HUGE freakin head in that photo. doh!

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