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I often hear that many people have a hard time finding things to blog about or that they don’t have any ideas for a blog post.

I am the opposite. I always have too many ideas, too many blog topics, too many photos & videos that I need to turn into posts.


In the near future, I plan on posting about how and where I get some of my blogging inspiration, but until then, if you’re searching for blogging ideas, you may want to check out 100 blog topics from Chris Brogan (which I stumbled upon via Clintus), 101 posting ideas from IHelpYouBlog and 100 ways to find ideas from LifeSnips.

If you blog regularly, do you have a tough time finding things to write about? If you do get “blogger’s block”, what helps you find post ideas?

4 Comments on “What to blog about”

  1. I have the same “problem” as you. What I need to work on is a process for capturing ideas as they happen so I can turn them into blog posts later. So far, evernote and/or dragon dictation are leading the pack, but I’m looking for a more repeatable process.

  2. I use a text file on my phone to write notes and ideas for post topics. I also like to save posts in draft mode to come back to later, even if it’s just a title to start.

    1. I keep a little moleskin book in my back pocket so I can just scribble down my random thoughts there and use them for inspiration later. A friend of mine said that for inspiration he grabs a pint of beer chugs it back and just writes a post 300 words or less. I’ve never tried that idea but when I run out of ideas it might be necessary to give it a shot.

      1. “Drink until you’re inspired” sounds both exciting and dangerous! Might have to try that one some time. 🙂

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